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Thank you for choosing Driving For All Ages. We also offer other Driver Training Services including : 

  • Private BTW lessons for teenagers. These lessons will NOT be counted towards the Virginia State requirement of 7 Fifty minute periods of driving and 7 Fifty minute periods of observation. However private lessons can count towards the 45 hour required driving with parent/guardian. The private lesson is intended to give a student 1 on 1 instruction to gain confidence and/or cover topics that the parents are unable to cover. The charge for these lessons is $40/hour.
  •  From time to time we have been asked to teach the classroom portion of Driver’s Ed for a group of students (such as a sports team or religious group). We require a minimum of 10 paid students to provide this service. For more information please contact us at the number listed above.
  • We offer private driving lessons to adults. These lessons can be “refresher” lessons for someone who hasn’t driven in awhile, confidence building, and lessons for adults that have never driven before. The charge for these lessons is $40/hour.
  •  In conjunction with Friendship Retirement Outpatient & Wellness Center we provide in car evaluations for adults who have been recommended to have an evaluation by the DMV, Doctor, or family member.

If you are an Adult and are interested in driver's training please select the form below and return to me at the address indicated above.   Teenagers should use the teen driving form found on the 'Classes' page. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   Click Here To Email me. 

Form for Adult Driver's Education
Adult Drivers Education:
If you are an adult, please click on the form listed to the right and return to me.